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Earth Day 2020

This year Earth Day takes on an even more special meaning for all of us given covid19. We've realized how intimately connected we are to one another and our earth home. We are called earthlings because Earth is our home. In a sense, Earth can be understood as our mother, as she cares for us and provides us with sustenance and everything we need to survive. 

Let's all send her love each and every day at 1:11 pm. The center owner, Melanie Vallee connects with her community on Facebook Live every Tuesday for 20-minutes. She offers insights, personal experiences, and resources for connecting to the universal frequency of love. She stops at 1:11 pm for a one-minute meditation connecting to the universal frequency of love. 1:12 pm. We'd like to invite you to join us by setting your phone alarm every day for 1:11 pm and join us in connecting to the universal frequency of love. 

Let's surprise Momma Earth this year with a very special birthday gift. For this next week, let's breathe in and breathe out love for momma earth every day at 1:11 pm. 

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

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