Step One: Coffee Step Two: Saving the World

This image pretty much depicts my morning ritual and routine. Step one Coffee...Step two Saving the World. I often wake up overwhelmed by the state of the world and need a cup of coffee to get me motivated for the day. This overwhelm comes from being part of a society that believes life is hard and we all need to take drugs to cope. Seventy percent of Americans are on at least one drug and fifty percent are on two or more. I find it ironic that we call pharmaceutical drugs medicine and plant medicine drugs. We pee all of these drugs into our water system and this water system is spread throughout the land. 

We have been adhering to a narrative that tells us life is hard and that we have to hoard belongings and we should take dominion over land and property, and our habitat. This fear-based story tells us we should run to Costco and wait in line for a voucher that will allow us to wait in line for an hour or more to buy only one pallet of toilet paper; as if we would really run out of toilet paper. Rationing one of the most basic commodities is pretty crappy and pisses me off; no punt intended. This is where critical thinking skills come into play. The scarcity principle and fear tactic have been used for decades to control the masses and breed fear and uncertainty. This fear and uncertainty are lowering our immune systems and throwing us into fight or flight which causes stress and anxiety. Anxiety left untreated turns into depression. Check out the documentary called, "The Century of the Self" for a more historical account of the making of this fear-based story.  

The truth is that we can create a new narrative, one that reconnects us to an animate world. Animate as in animated, like the Disney movies. Disney does a great job offering us examples of the magical decadence we could experience in life right here and now if we hold a new narrative. One that honors all voices, female and male, young and old, all colors, races, creeds, abilities and disabilities, all languages, all cultures, all animals, plants, the ocean, the rivers, the lakes, the skies, the earth, plant medicine, herbs, and flowers, and the universe. 

This animated view of the world can be seen in the language of the Hopi Native American Tribe, where seventy percent of their language consists of verbs. In contrast, seventy percent of the English language consists of nouns. This should not be surprising since English speaking countries place a high value on possessions, objects, and things. Verbs in the Hopi language animate the world by describing in vivid detail the beautiful and magical intricate movements found in all things. They also have humor built into their language because they believe laughter is a source of good mental, physical, and spiritual health. The slightest change in influxion can change an entire meaning. For example, "Why did your plants die, could easily be heard as, "Why did your pants fall off, leading to hysterical laughter. 

When I think of an animated world, I think of Pocahontas and Grandmother Willow, Sebastion from The Little Mermaid, Bambi and Thumper, Moana and Pua, and Dory and Nemo. Almost every Disney cartoon animates animals, trees, nature, and our relationship with them. My guess is that the Disney writers, artists, and directors use more verbs than they do nouns to create the magical experience that captures the imagination of children and adults alike. 

Believing we can and are creating a new narrative, gives me hope. Hope, along with the Hopi tribe, along with my coffee get me motivated to get up, get going, and change the world. By re-animating the world and by honoring and restoring integrity with all sentient beings and with everything we need to live in harmony with one another and the entire phenomenal world fills my heart with joy.  

Let's animate and revigorate today!

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