Cathy Reiling EFT/Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

Cathy Reiling Cathy’s passion is to see people free from limiting beliefs that no longer serve them. She uses EFT on EVERYTHING from sadness, worry, fear, guilt, grief, anger, phobias, grudges, unforgiveness issues, haunting memories, false beliefs formed from childhood events, anything that is blocking one from taking the next step forward in their life. Creating a safe environment is a priority to her while helping clients clear these obstacles that hinder them from experiencing more peace and clarity in their lives. When these blocks clear one can experience a place where things are truly different and choice exists. It is so inspiring to see people make peace with their past, gain confidence for their future, and allow

Cathy resides in Poulsbo, WA., and enjoys long walks with her husband, time with her grandchildren and making jewelry.


• Clinical EFT

• Matrix Reimprinting Practioner

• Energy Profiling

• Laughter Yoga

• Neuro-linguistic Programming

• Picture Tapping