Daniel A. Arteaga LMFTA, MA


My Background

Narrative Theory informs my practice and may help clients discover new meaning to their life story. I work alongside clients to deconstruct and reconstruct the manner in which they choose to tell these stories, and step into their future. I aim to facilitate mapping or remapping, the connections between the mind, body, and soul to help alleviate depression, anxiety, and/or trauma which can cast dark and painful shadows on our lives. Through the therapeutic alliance, we can dive deep into negative self-destructive thoughts, overcome great psychic barriers, and discover the path to inner peace and resolution.

Philosophy of Care

My therapeutic work is grounded in Satir Experiential Therapy. This method focuses on the universally understood healing power of love and uses it to increases a person's sense of self-esteem and self-worth. A greater sense of confidence may naturally follow. Individuals and couples often respond well to this particular mind frame. Through empathy, paramount respect for humanity, and some gentle guiding, we can hope to incur positive life changes towards personalized goals.

Clinical Experience

During my time at the University of Washington, I worked in an inpatient clinical setting with troubled youths at Seattle Children's Home. My experience there taught me the value of gentle encouragement even in the face of violent resistance. Subsequently, I joined Nexus Youth and Families, an organization dedicated to helping low-income families in the community with mental health and case management. The clinical setting at Nexus allowed me to focus on the interpersonal communication patterns evident in family systems that could be altered in an attempt to facilitate positive change on a larger scale. It is at Nexus I realized the importance of working with couples to improve family functioning. My post-graduation site at Renton Area Youth and Families narrowed my clinical skills into an educational environment, where I found tangible ways to connect with teens about how current issues such as new technology, sexuality, and social pressures can affect individual depression and anxiety.




Relationship Issues




Cultural Challenges

CBT Interventions

Education & Training

BA in Psychology from the University of Washington

MS in Marriage and Family Therapy from Seattle Pacific University

Completed Level One Gottman Couples Training

Trauma and Yoga informed Satir Experiential Certification

Licensure & Registration

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate